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Our Story

With over three decades of experiences in manufacturing hair styling tools for reputable, A-list brands in the industry, Vensart now has its own lab and is aggressively transforming itself into a formidable brand.

As a creator, we have a thing for beauty. We strive to find aestheticism in design and craftsmanship while creating a better life.


Jet Hsu


Inspired by the grace, charm and beauty embodied by Goddess Venus as well as the art of crafting women’s hair for more than 30 years, Vensart is a lifestyle brand that focuses on what it does best, professional hair styling tools. Having been on a mission to be environmentally responsible and supportive of sustainable living, Vensart strives to reduce its environmental footsteps by developing original materials and refining existing biodegradable PLA for all products. By being eco-conscious, Vensart certainly is the one to look out for in this new generation of beauty startups.

About Vensart

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